About Us

We established ourself as astrology specialist in the year 1988 in Kanpur. Since then we are serving our customers faithfully. We have all varieties of stones and astrological assets for your wealth and health. Your astrological traits let you know self-existence traits of a person. 100% correct computerised kundali is also made here. 20% discount on stones and rudraksh.Get your birth charts made and avail free stones and astrology consultation according to your zodiac sign from our side.

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Our Product

We are astrological consultants and also make janampatri and provide you with gemstones according to your zodiac sign. Avail 20% off on rudraksh, janampatri and upratna.

Shankha (Conch Shell)

Shankha has a very important role in Hindu community. It is considered to bring prosperity and longevity to a person. It is also used in Ayurveda for medicinal purpose.


Rudraksha is a holy bead used for chanting prayers in Hindu religion and is considered to be a sign of protection. It is used for meditation, sanctify mind, body and soul.


Janampatri (Natal chart) or Kundli is created using computerised method according to your birth details and astrology system.

Pearl (Moti)

Pearl is used to maintain the peace of mind and is found to effect your thinking ability. Hence, moti is also said to be very important in Vedic Astrology.


The various gemstones that have great significance in the Vedic Astrology since ages. They are found to liberate us from various problem that are brought up by the planets.


Astrological Consultation over your planets according to your zodiac sign is also available.

Astrology science

Astrology science study the human affairs by the movement of the celestial bodies and your stars. This science let you explore your inner core with the various Vedic methodologies by keeping your mind, soul and body calm.


These are the views that our customer had about our service to them since such a long time.